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Greenminds is a sustainable and affordable brand for non-food items, sold in Dutch supermarkets. As society increasingly strives for sustainability, Greenminds offers an eco-friendly alternative for non-food items as our high-quality products are made with sustainable materials. Greenminds: sustainability and affordability, combined with contemporary design.

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Our product range offers sustainable alternatives to various non-food items. We are happy to tell you more about our products.


Cleaning tools


Cutlery & Tableware


Office Supplies


At Greenminds, we carefully follow developments in the field of sustainability and sustainable materials. As a result, we can keep increasing the sustainability factor of our products and continuously develop new ones. Greenminds always has an eye on the future.


Greenminds products can be found in Dutch supermarkets. Our product range and the materials from which the products are made are subject to change. Our website you will always provide you with an up-to-date overview of our sustainable and affordable products and the materials from which they are made.